Record Store Day 2010


Yesterday marked the third momentous Record Store Day, and for those scratching your heads trying to remember what a record store even is, it’s one of those long-standing places of business being destroyed by this internet thing (no, not those places). Many people have gotten touchy about the demise of local […]

Super Reatard Punchout!


Jay Reatard doesn’t seem to be having much luck with people lately. It’s been only two months since his rhythm section defected to Wavves (who’s frontman Nathan Williams is also far from a people person) and last night during a gig in Austin, Jay got attacked by two fans, in […]

Matt Friedberger Vs. People Who Don’t Really Care What He Has To Say

IN THE NEWS It’s nice to know that sometimes the actions of a fool can spur a response from someone clever. Take for instance, the latest head-fuck from Beck, “Harry Partch,” which is, most likely, a direct response to the inane rantings of Fiery Furnaces’ Matt Friedberger. A few weeks ago, Friedberger started one […]

Google Music

IN THE NEWS Hopefully this won’t blow too many minds, but Google is trying to take over the world. Behind its colorful logo and cutesy design are the minds of megalomaniacs: taking pictures of our homes, tracking our behavior, and finding out our pet’s names. But, hell, at least they are taking over our […]

Carter’s Lil Gun Trouble

IN THE NEWS It’s official: Lil’ Wayne will be joining the long line of incarcerated rappers. The 27 year old super-star pled guilty earlier today to attempted gun possession, from a two year charge made after NYC police raided his tour bus. Attempted gun possession seems to be the alternative and less severe form […]

Rivers Cuomo and Katy Perry: Say It Ain’t So

IN THE NEWS The music industry has always been a double-edged knife to Weezer. Sure, nowadays The Blue Album and Pinkerton are put on towering pedestals – with almost any critic, musician or guy off the street having their own teary eyed soliloquy on the first time they heard “The Sweater Song” – but […]

Hot Double-Damn! New Radiohead Album Expected Next Year

IN THE NEWS Hopefully there weren’t too many suicides when Thom Yorke told The Believer this August, “None of us want to go into that creative hoo-ha of a long-play record again, not straight off…” Radiohead diehards aren’t typically a gleeful bunch, and losing the promise of an LP on the horizon may have raised […]

Lily Allen: Quitting Music?


Poor Mark Ronson, he tried, he really did. Of course it’s not entirely fair to make it sound like his race has been run, but still, it must be damn frustrating to help cultivate two acts that were set to change the face of pop, and have both burn out with […]