A Million Years | Incandescent EP

FRESH BAKED in NYC A Million Years Incandescent EP 2009 | Self-Released D+

As the first EP from Brooklyn quartet A Million Years concludes after a scant ten minutes, the listener wonders what exactly just happened. She may listen again, trying to pick up on a nuance or two, some quirk of melody or rhythm […]

Musicians On Music | Helen Buyniski at Bonnaroo

MUSICIANS ON MUSIC Musicians On Music is a weekly feature in which we feature exactly that: musicians, both local and national, writing about music, the industry, other people’s music, or whatever they feel like writing. This week we feature Helen Buyniski, who toured the summer festivals with the Mickey Western Band and Lady Circus’s The […]

Buzzer, Impediments @ Don Pedro’s | 8.22.09

LIVE JOURNAL JezebelMusic.com @ Public Assembly August 22, 2009 | Buzzer, Impediments

photo by Marcus Lauer

An hour and a half after Impediments were scheduled to take the stage at Don Pedro’s on Saturday night, crickets were still chirping on the stage. Musicians periodically skulked through the equipment to prod at their […]

Siren Music Festival | 7.18.09

LIVE JOURNAL JezebelMusic.com @ Siren Music Festival July 18, 2009 | A Place To Bury Strangers, The Raveonettes, Spank Rock

photo by Zoe Muller

The Village Voice’s Siren Festival draws huge crowds to Coney Island every year with a foolproof recipe for success: a free indie-rock showcase at the beach. With the variety […]