Mark Van Hoen

Photo by Nicky Sims

LOCAL SPOTLIGHT NYC Mark Van Hoen has been an integral part of the electro-indie music scene since the early 90s. As a founding member of the British experimental group Seefeel, his influence can be seen in the work of both electronic and guitar-based artists. Originally based in London, he signed […]

The Morning After Girls | Alone

FRESH BAKED in NYC The Morning After Girls Alone 2009 | Self-Released D

Australian transplants The Morning After Girls have acclimated easily since their emigration to NYC. Their recent stint of live shows has been successful, at least in terms of alcohol sales. This past May, The Morning After Girls, originally from Melbourne, Australia, released […]

My Teenage Stride


My Teenage Stride is not just another pop band. For one, they’re not from Sweden, which, as of late, is an oddity. If only they were from DC; that city hasn’t heard pop in years. Alas, they reside in Brooklyn. And just as many of the current crop of pop purveyors have […]

By Night With Spear | Fortune

FRESH BAKED in NYC By Night With Spear Fortune 2009 | Self-Storage Recordings B

The thread that runs through By Night With Spear’s Fortune is a hopeful one. So strong is the theme, in fact, that the slightest touch of a minor chord can seem depressing in comparison. The five-song EP was released just […]



Photo by Rachel Reese

For all the intensity that is put into making music in New York, the group that always seems to max out their energies and fully capitalize on their potential is Soundpool.

Soundpool has managed to bridge the urban/suburban divide by splitting time between Manhattan and their Pocono […]

Quiet Loudly | Soulgazer

FRESH BAKED in NYC Quiet Loudly Soulgazer 2009 | BNS Sessions B

On the first track off Quiet Loudly’s new album Soulgazer, a playful guitar interlude is followed by a Crazy Horse-like sludgefest. The next track “Lift this Mountain” plays with the same guitar stylings, but this time Buckley-esque vocals are accompanied by an organ […]


LOCAL SPOTLIGHT NYC Blacklist is part of a burgeoning post-punk/Cold Wave movement based around Brooklyn’s Wierd Records. With their roster featuring everything from the dark synth sounds of Xena and Oaklander to the electronic industrial pop that is Led Er Est, Blacklist is Weird’s flagship band, a full on dark-rock outfit that has a growing […]

James | Hey Ma

FRESH BAKED James Hey Ma 2008 | Mercury Records B

As the legends continue to release albums well after the years of their youth, the questions of both artistic validity and posterity remain – does their current material meet the standard set by their previous output? Despite limited touring from the Manchester-based band as of […]