Ludlow Lions | No Stories

FRESH BAKED in NYC Ludlow Lions No Stories 2009 | Self-Released B-

I don’t think a single period of pop history was forgotten faster than the late nineties – no, I’m not talking about Pavement, Neutral Milk Hotel, or Radiohead; they have all cemented themselves firmly into indie rock history. I’m talking about pop-rock, post-alternative; […]

Tyondai Braxton | Central Market

FRESH BAKED in NYC Tyondai Braxton Central Market 2009 | Warp B+

The lower the framerate, the faster life moves. When you think back to Charlie Chaplin’s classic Depression-era commentary Modern Times, the limitations inherent in early celluloid forced people to move quicker. Modern Times’ assembly line workers move impossibly quickly to keep up with […]

A Million Years | Incandescent EP

FRESH BAKED in NYC A Million Years Incandescent EP 2009 | Self-Released D+

As the first EP from Brooklyn quartet A Million Years concludes after a scant ten minutes, the listener wonders what exactly just happened. She may listen again, trying to pick up on a nuance or two, some quirk of melody or rhythm […]

Schocholautte | Oodles of Charm

FRESH BAKED in NYC Schocholautte Oodles of Charm 2009 | Chocolate Brontosaurus C+

Do Brooklyn-based trio Schocholautte a favor: don’t judge their debut EP, Oodles of Charm (released this past March) by its first track, “Mercedes Benz.” Sure, the opening guitar line is catchy but “grating” would be a generous way to describe the vocals. […]

Vivian Girls | Everything Goes Wrong

FRESH BAKED in NYC Vivian Girls Everything Goes Wrong 2009 | In the Red C

You know that Christopher Walken sketch? from SNL? The one that spawned a thousand t-shirts and drunken frat-boy recitations, where he proclaims loudly, with his trademark accentuation, that he has a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell? Hilarious.