Journey | “Don’t Stop Believing”

HATE TO ADMIT IT, BUT… “Don’t Stop Believing” Journey 1981 | Columbia

There are three distinct eras in Journey’s career: first, the stadium filling, Steve Perry heyday; second, the 90s, in which the band was largely considered a bad, distant memory that would hopefully fade over time; third, their current redemption trek, in which the […]

Don’t Stop Believing in the Power of the Internet

IN THE TUBE No, this section is not Hate to Admit it But…, but let’s talk about Journey, and their universally, not-so-guiltily enjoyed power ballad “Don’t Stop Believing.” It’s not quite “Billy Jean” or “Stairway to Heaven,” but it’s getting close. There’s not a sports bars or Karaoke parlor in the world that doesn’t have […]