After Six Months, RIAA and ISP Partnership Wavering

VIRTUAL JUNGLE Near the end of 2008, the Recording Industry Association of America announced that it would no longer sue individual users for sharing music on the Internet. Instead, the RIAA said that would enlist the aid of Internet Service Providers to combat piracy. The RIAA intended for ISPs, like AT&T and Comcast, to help […]

Low | “Throw Out the Line”

ART OF SONG Low “Throw Out the Line” Long Division 1995 | Vernon Yard Records

For those unfamiliar with the band, Low was formed in Duluth, Minnesota, a husband-and-wife duo serving as the band’s core. Although the aforementioned husband, Alan Sparhawk, concentrates on guitar and his wife, Mimi Parker, plays drums, the twosome’s shared vocal […]

Cambridge Study Questions DRM’s Legitimacy

VIRTUAL JUNGLE iTunes may be a trailblazer by eliminating Digital Rights Management (DRM) from its music. A recently published study by a Cambridge law professor provides evidence in support of what copyright activists have claimed for years: DRM hinders communication and sometimes violates consumer’s rights, pushing people into piracy.

Over the past few years, Patrícia […]

Pandora Launches Premium Service

VIRTUAL JUNGLE Despite its widespread popularity, Internet radio has been in financial duress for several years – due, in large part, to hikes in royalty rates. Even Pandora, the innovative website that headed up the Music Genome Project, faced possible bankruptcy. Less than a year ago, Pandora founder Tim Westergren told the Washington Post that […]

Wilco (The Album) Streaming Free Prior to Release

VIRTUAL JUNGLE Wilco, apparently, is not a band with much patience. Although Wilco (The Album) is not being released until June 30, the band is already streaming the entire album from its site. The stream is offered in both low- and high-quality formats, allowing even those with crowded cable connections to listen in.

The album’s […]

Mininova Begins Testing Content Filtration System

VIRTUAL JUNGLE The Pirate Bay’s conviction for making copyrighted material available online is already having spillover effects on other BitTorrent trackers. Popular Netherlands-based website, Mininova, has begun testing a third-party recognition system that would remove unauthorized files.

Mininova’s blog post on the subject: “If the system finds that the file corresponds to unauthorized content, we […]

Hypetape Emerges As Another Online Mixtape Service

VIRTUAL JUNGLE Another week, another potential RIAA target.

Playlist sharing service Hypetape was launched last October, but press coverage over the past week is just now pushing it into the limelight. With the fall of Muxtape and Seeqpod, opportunities have opened for new music services to bloom. Hypetape has found its niche by allowing users […]

The Pirate Bay Demands Retrial

VIRTUAL JUNGLE Earlier this month, The Pirate Bay copyright infringement case came to a close after several months of deliberation. In the end, the Swedish court sentenced the four Pirate Bay founders to one year in jail and ordered them to pay $3.6 million in damages to big media companies. Although The Pirate Bay hasn’t […]