Van She | Don’t Fear The Reaper [Holy Ghost’s B-Live Mix]

ART OF SONG Van She Don’t Fear The Reaper [Holy Ghost’s B-Live Mix] 2009 | BACARDI B-LIVE Free Downloads

The year is drawing to a close. I can’t speak for you (though oh, how I try!), but I’m getting ready to put on my sparkliest outfit and go out to some lame New Years […]

The King Khan and BBQ Show | “Animal Party”

ART OF SONG The King Khan and BBQ Show “Animal Party” Invisible Girl 2009 | In the Red

Let’s be honest. Someone says “Animal Party.” What do you think about? Some new lame board game for children? Animal House-style frat parties? Furries? (I thought of Furries.)

But no. In an almost Flaming Lips-esque jump into […]

Alice Russell | “Let Us Be Loving (KidKanevil Remix)”

ART OF SONG Alice Russell “Let Us Be Loving (KidKanevil Remix)” Let Us Be Loving 2009 | Six Degrees

Hey you know what’s awesome? Amy Winehouse’s breast implant exploded. Okay, maybe that’s not so awesome. You know what WOULD be awesome? If there were some British singer with a powerful voice, you know, like Amy […]

Marina and the Diamonds | “Mowgli’s Road”

ART OF SONG Marina and the Diamonds “Mowgli’s Road” Mowgli’s Road 2009 | 679/Warner Bros.

I think I need a break. Do you? Everything just seems to be stuck in a repetitive grind as I hold my breath, cross my fingers, and pray for Thanksgiving so I can have a brief reprieve (although that […]

The Greening | “(She’s So) Electric”

ART OF SONG The Greening “(She’s So) Electric” (She’s So) Electric EP 2009 | Zairecords

The fuses in my apartment’s bathrooms blew this week. You have not experienced inconvenience until you have had to repeatedly pee and shower and do your makeup (not at the same time, please) in the dark. Oh, plus our microwave […]

Christy & Emily |“Lover’s Talk”

ART OF SONG Christy & Emily “Lover’s Talk” Superstition 2009 | Big Print

Open up the toy box of your mind. Lift the heavy lid and slide it back, and since this is probably something that hasn’t been opened in years, give the dust some time to settle. Take out the Legos and teddy bears […]

Bonus Eventus | “Rough Housing”

ART OF SONG Bonus Eventus “Rough Housing” Dinosaurs in Vietnam Presents: Save Our Heads For the Future Compilation # 1 2009 | Dinosaurs in Vietnam

Oh hey, do you know what the world needs more of? Songs about getting really fucked up with your friends. There aren’t enough of those. Enter Bonus Eventus.

Though the […]

The Middle East | “The Darkest Side”

ART OF SONG The Middle East “The Darkest Side” The Recordings of The Middle East 2009 | Spunk

If you’re in New York right now, you know that there is already that melancholia of winter in the air. After an unseasonably cool summer, I looked around today, and saw an anxiousness in the peacoats and […]