Feature Show

The Loom | Thursday, August 13th


70 N.6th St, Brooklyn
Show Starts at 9:00 PM

See pictures from the last show here.

The Feature Show brings our Monthly Featured Artist to the stage for a night of exceptional live music. The Featured Artist receives a high level of promotion from JezebelMusic.com in the form of a full length article, street team campaign, photo shoot with a great photographer, and month long exposure on JezebelMusic.com.

Performances by:

Mia Riddle
The Loom
The Spring Standards

Mia Riddle

“Beautifully sung and gorgeously composed, Riddle’s latest album, Tumble and Drag, is a stuning blend of Cat Power dissonance and Neko Case vulnerability.” — Noise Pop, San Francisco

“Sends shivers down your spine, as much for her stage presence as for the quality of the material.” — Maverick Magazine, UK

“Like any great performer, she makes it all look easy. She truly did grace the stage.” — musicsnobbery.com


“A wild and refreshingly noisy ride.” – NME

“ARMS’ music is lo-fi but lovely and very, very good. There’s truly not a bad song on here. Kids Aflame rocks, shudders, weeps, and smiles as you reach to hit ‘play’ again.” – The Guardian (UK)

“I’m always hesitant to make claims about the year’s best albums, but I just can’t help myself here. Kids Aflame is just as lovely, complex, jarring, rocking, and re-playable as we could have hoped…” –  IGuessI’mFloating.com

The Loom

“History suggests that The Loom have success on the horizon… They’re filled with multi-talented artists with formal training, who’ve studied Stravinsky and Charles Mingus just as much as they’ve listened to The Beatles and REM.” — NY Press

“Working heavily in gothic watercolors, the Loom kick out glow-in-the-dark folk wailers that flirt with the anthemic, but never abandon the quiet spaces they were born in.”  — RCRDLBL

The Spring Standards

“In a matter of minutes, this loud, energetic trio had made converts of everyone. Tight, soaring harmonies were set against old country twang as the band exuded a pure, childlike joy of playing as many instruments simultaneously as possible. Dressed in a black prom dress, front woman Heather Robb jumped around the stage like the unaffected younger sister of Karen O, banging on pretty much everything in sight, Including a snare drum, keyboard, and glockenspiel” — NY Magazine

Past Feature Shows:

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