Premiere: Soundpool: “But It’s So”

“Oh my Lord, so FUNKY.” This is what you are about to think to yourself/say outloud (for those who find themselves in a semi-social situation midday through a Wednesday, or are of the sort likely to be overcome with excitement toward funk that you begin to speak outloud) when listening to Soundpool’s “But It’s […]

Dan Deacon | “Woof Woof”

IN THE TUBE Yes, it stars a full cast of puppets. Yes, the majority of the eleven -minute duration is spent on these puppets speaking to each other, and almost nothing to do with a Dan Deacon song. Yes, the puppets almost exclusively speak with content that breaks down almost all possible metaphysical views. No, […]

Happy MLK Day

Take the day to spread peace by donating to the relief efforts in Haiti. We are fans of Partners In Health and Doctors Without Borders, but Huffington Post has an extensive list of organizations you can support.

This Week In Shows


Our top picks. Sorry it’s a little Saturday-heavy this week. THURS, JAN. 21

Darlings, Lonnie Walker, Motel Motel, Gunfight Union Pool 9:00 PM, TBA, 21+ When I think garage pop in 2010, I immediately think drunk and rowdy, but Darlings are sweet; their songs remind me of early sixties California […]

Teddy Pendergrass and The Rap Songs that Sampled Him

THIS WEEK IN HIP HOP There are better people to talk about Teddy Pendergrass than me (for example, Michael A. Gonzales). I’d be lying if I pretended to be anything more than a casual Teddy P fan. Still, I am deeply saddened that yet another musical legend has passed away. In the past few years, […]

Fluffy Lumbers, Museyroom, Shark?, Bonus Eventus @ Silent Barn | 1.7.10

LIVE JOURNAL @ Silent Barn January 07, 2010 | Fluffy Lumbers, Museyroom, Shark?, Bonus Eventus

The Silent Barn is essentially “your friend’s basement” the venue. Smoking is allowed indoors, but ironically not outside. As I lit up outside the front door, my usual pre-show routine, the doorman ushered me inside.

“We don’t allow smoking […]



Teddy Pendergrass, 59, Soul Singer of “Turn off the Lights,” Passes Away [Brooklyn Vegan]

Stream “Slivers of You” and “Hubbsian Lament,” Two New Demos From L.A.’s Pearl Harbor, Which Sounds Almost Nothing Like the Beginning of U.S.’s Involvement in World War II (Almost) [Gorilla vs. Bear]

Watch Video For Air’s […]

Hidden Gems


Orchestre Stukas | L’Afrique Danse Presents Orchestre Stukas Yesterday was a sad day in the music world, and devastating for the world at large. I was once the wallowing type, but I’m instating a rule for myself this winter: NO DOWNER MUSIC. So I’m glad that I just found Orchestre Stukas, (also sometimes […]