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A Place To Bury Strangers
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March 2005: WLSSC

Jezebel Music's Fourth Annual Williamsburg Live Songwriter Competition 2007

Recorded at Luna Lounge, Brooklyn, NY

The Press
November Feature 2008

Read the Feature Article by Dan D'Ippolito...

Similar to the nature of water -- soft, yet powerful -- there's something Zen about the art of songwriting. Many of the best songwriters communicate life effortlessly in a conversational, non poetic manner -- a skill most certainly easier said than sung. But as it turns out, taking it easy isn’t easy. A good stuntman knows that the best way to take a fall is to relax, but intuition might tell the average Joe Six Pack otherwise. Like Joe Stuntman, The Press knows how to not take themselves too seriously, and the result is free of pain. (Of course, as is the case with any good band, when it comes to the execution of their music and the furthering of their career, no jokes are made... for the most part.) This fact is made clear almost immediately when listening to tracks from the Press' upcoming LP, recorded at the Fort in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and due out early next year....


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Williamsburg Live Songwriter Competition

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