Gunfight! | Hide Your Empties

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Hide Your Empties
2009 | BNS Sessions

gunfight-coverGunfight! released their debut album, Hide Your Empties, on BNS Sessions just two weeks ago. And, already, the local press is all over it. From start to finish, all five songs on the EP are in top form. Feeling rootsy, but fresh, the tracks come alive with their own take on what it means to blend country and punk. The lead track, “Empties,” has singer Drew Mintz making accusatory howls in third person, “We know better than you,” disabusing anyone who cares to think they can party harder than the four Bushwick boys. For those with the gall to attempt outdoing these gentlemen over a bottle of whiskey, they might match themselves against “Vaccine,” a sweet bluesy ballad about love, lust, and liver destruction, delivered in a cooing, guttural growl. The final song, “All You Need,” is most damning of all those pretty young heartbreakers – “All I want to do is break your heart/All I want to do is see your heart in two,” Mintz wails over the band’s spastic, yet driving jams.

Whether their picking up a bottle or putting down a pill, there’s no time for interventions on Hide Your Empties, now available digitally through iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Napster and others digital outlets. You can also pick up a physical copy through Cargo Records or directly through BNS Sessions.

And be sure to check out Gunfight!’s characteristically raucous and rowdy live show when they take the stage as part of’s own Feature Show, on Thursday, May 14 at Public Assembly.

by Gordon Sharp

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